“I will learn to recognize a slave ship when I see one. . .” What is slavery to you.
Slavery is something that has control over your life in a negative way.
After you recognize that you may be a slave to something, what actions have you taken to overcome slavery?

Free thought is one way to overcome slavery. The ability to make your own decisions. These are thoughts I wanted to write because my heart is heavy. Lets prepare our children for tomorrow. We have to give them the tools needed to navigate these troubled waters.

We must teach them to be free thinkers.

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The whole is a sum of its parts

Sankofa is an educational institution that looks at education with a wholistic approach. In addition it runs administratively with a wholistic approach.

I want to thank the following: Sis. McClean, director for tirelessly running the school like she runs her house. It is with a fierce love, dedication and such strength. Obviously there is not enough gratitude; Sis. Eulene, the tender warrior but a warrior none the less.  She is humble, yet a definite force to reckon with and the ultimate professional;Nas, concerned parent and business woman who helped to start the website. It was a suggestion and she made it happen, always with that beautiful smile; Ms Fletcher another concerned parent who gives her time to the school and advocates for the children ; Bro Kofi, soft spoken and the resident computer engineer but also so much more.

These are but some the parts that help to make SIA whole. So forgive me  if I dont recognize you. You definitly feel the same way because either you are always willing to help when called upon and because of the various ways you sgow love and support.  So respond to a post or submit a post yourself. We here at Sankofa International Academy would love to hear from you. 

Remember the whole is only as big as the sum of it parts, so come and definitely a part of a wonderful family. We would love to have you.

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Support your own.

In order for us to be proud of yourself and others that share the same culture, experiences, and struggle we must see ourselves. We have to see ourselves mighty, see our past struggles and past victories. Trips are being sponsored in order for all to learn what made this America truely great. The real foundation of America is the people, especially the ones that helped to economically build the country by the literal blood and sweat and tears that we shed. The many sacrifices we endured at all phases of American history. 
We all know about Madame Tuessand’s wax museum. However that only show some of the important people that have and are still leaving their marks. There is another wax museum that would very beneficial go our children. The Baltimore wax museum that showcases the crucial accomplishments of Black Americans. Sankofa wants to introduce the children to their history in a creative way. Below are links about the museum and more information to follow.

Baltimore Wax Museum

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Summer is almost over!!

Ok, everyone, summer is almost over and the new school year is starting for everyone.  Sankofa International Academy’s (SIA) first day of school is Sept. 12, 2011.  I am excited about the this new year as I started my son in the middle of the school year of 2010.  I have been acclimated to SIA and am looking forward to the big things that will be happening this year.  What big things you ask?  Well you will just have to stay tuned to find out.  Check in to the website; parents. teachers and students, and all curious people who may have heard of us and want more information.

Especially the students, this post will keep the students abreast of assignments, contests ( they can win supplies), and events that will happen throughout the school year.  We need participation from everyone.  I know we all have given of ourselves in one way or another and want to keep that momentum going.

Welcome Back Sankofa International Academy family.

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Yeah Zack is back!!!!!!







Who is Zack and where did he return from? Zack is my son and student of Sankofa Internatioal Academy. He spent 2 weeks at the Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls. While I do have some concerns about the camp, I am very happy with the young man that was returned to me.
Zack is expressing himself with more confidence and clarity. He has learned alot about his African culture that he will need to connect him to his African identity. When I inquired about a typical day; he explained to me about libation. He even told me the purpose of it. I was impressed.
I believe that Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls will teach our children the skills that so many of us learn much later in life. Most of us dont know about libation until a Kwanza celebration or until we see a music video when we “pour some out for our homies”.
Now my job has just begun. This is something that has to be continued. Oh thats right my son is a student of SIA. They do libations every morning and recite the African countries and point them out on a map daily.
I want to take this time to say thank you to Miss Ollie, Zack’s principal. On family day she came out and supported her student and son Zack. She bought him little toys and some snacks. He truely appreciated the love and so did I.

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Our menfolk





It is true that even though mothers have taught their children by themselves and have raised functional men, thats not to say that men arent needed.  SIA’s sons are celebrating the menfolk.

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I was contemplating how my son’s old school wasnt all bad. However, it was lacking so much that my son didnt feel safe. He acted out in many ways; when his actions started to harm him I had no other choice but to take action. Of course his school’s teachers and councelors met with me and spoke to me. They however did not speak to each other soI was getting help from different people but it wasnt concerted.
“It takes a village…”, we all know the rest. It has been used so much that it has lost its message. It takes a homgenous village, a village where everyone is thinking the same and has the same agenda, and feels the passion for your child that you fel for your child.
I’m so glad that when I needed a village I was able to call upon Sankofa International Academy. In the beginninghe was resistant but when you have been disappointed you tend to test all new experiences. Ms Ollie and Ms Pam and Ms Eulene were all very patient and stern at the same time. Obviously love conquered all. Theres still a long road ahead but its welcomed.

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