Fundraising Efforts  Sankofa International Academy is celebrating its 26th year.  We are planning an aggressive fundraising campaign this year in order to update and purchase much needed computers and media equipment.  We are asking the public to assist us in this quest.

Please donate.  We know that we are living in difficult times, we are asking for any and all donations for our students.  There is no amount that is too small.  “I am so sorry, all I can donate at this time is $20” this was said by a guest at the opening ceremony last week.  We graciously accepted her $20 and in turn, ten other guests contributed $20 as well.  It is said that it takes a village to raise a child; we are calling on our visit to help educate our students and assist us in continuing excellent service to our community.

Please Share.  Share our site and our needs with friends, family and co-workers.   The more people that know about the school and its needs the sooner we can get our needs met.  The sooner we get our needs met, the better we can educate our students, and serve our community.  It’s hard to keep a good thing a secret, so share who we are and what we are doing.

Please Inquire.  There are so many influential people and companies out there ready and willing to help schools/organizations in need. We are asking you to inquire about scholarships and donations at your job, organizations and clubs that you are members and even skilled friends and family members.   We are accepting donations from companies in the form of gift baskets and items that can be used for raffles or door prizes for events.

Please Participate.  If you are a promoter or an event coordinator, we are looking to work with you to raise funds at your events.  We are also willing to create events with experienced promoters which will be beneficial to our school.  Please contact the Fundraising Administrator at (646)220-3207.



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