School Vision Statement

Sankofa Academy’s Mission is to promote challenging educational experiences which will enable all students to become productive members of society. We are comitted to supporting the development and implementation of comprehensive innovative programs, that maximizes students potential as they develop their critical thinking skills.

Sankofa’s vision is to create life long learners and nation builders who can be effective leaders of tomorrow.

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Update to first week of Veggie Lunch

Friday will be the conclusion of our first week since we introduced vegetarian lunches at Sankofa International Academy.  Needless to say it was a success!!!  First, my sincere gratitude to Babatunde who always has a friendly word to say to all the children when he meets them.  He caters to them in his food.  All the foods prepared seem to be prepared with them in mind.  Babatunde looks at the reactions of the children and tries to tweek his menu according to their reactions.  He asks them what do they like and offers a healthy alternative.

The first day was the mac and cheese.  It didnt look like my mac and cheese and it didnt taste like it either.  However, it was tasty, so much so Babatunde left some for me to sample and I enjoyed it so much I took it for lunch the next day. It was sweet and fulling, not cheesy, however I still liked it.  It was delicious. The reactions of the children were obvious since no food was left behind.  The kids ate their portion.  There was on child who was aprehensive about eating. That was the first day, however

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Dinner Conversation

Dinner is usually a time of catching up with the kids. Sometimes there maybe no speaking because parents are trying to get the next day affairs in order in our mind and kids just have nothing to say.

But recently my dinner conversation has been very interesting. My son, Zack, who attends Sankofa International Academy likes to quiz me on my knowledge on Black information. Our conversation usually starts with “Did you know…?”

He recently brought to my attention that Lady Liberty’s original design was to be of a black woman(with true African features) with broken shackles on her hands and feet. The french designer who studied US history felt the true representation of Freedom was the liberation of African slaves in America. Wow!

What are your dinner conversations about?

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School Lunch Starts at Sankofa International Academy

This Monday, December 5, 2011 is the first week of Calabash Vegetarian Kitchen supplying SIA with school lunch. I will use this blog to track Zack’s responses to the menu and the ease with how the food is supplied to the school.

When I researched the cook, Babatunde, there were only praises about his food and the hospitality. I hope that my experience will elicit the same response. I am so excited because this is a part of the journey Zack and I are travelling to enrich his life with African culture. He is energetic, kind, and caring. In other words he is all over the place. There is no such thing as time out for Zachery because he cannot stay still.  Even though he doesnt eat junk food, lets face it there are still chemicals in the food that may effect his body chemistry. Scientists has linked chemicals in food with children’s behavior.  I am hoping that is the right direction for Zachery.

I believe that as Africans in America we are out of our natural element. Our bodies are not use to this climate, even though our race survived the climate and harsh conditions. So it’s a challenge to say the least to raise our black children in an environment that is not conducive to their dna. I am so happy that Babatunde chose Sankofa International Academy as his school of choice for his child. We did not have to search for his service he was able to advertise at one of our Parent/Teacher meetings. It was meant to be.

It will expose our children to a healthier alternative. I will be honest and say that it would’ve taken me longer to feed Zack a vegetarian diet had it not been for Babatunde. His food will hopefully help our children focus better in school. The following is the Menu for the first week

1. Monday       Mac w/Vegan Cheese, BBQ tofu, vegetabe

2. Tuesday      Ital Stew, Rice, Vegetable

3. Wednesday Homemade Veggie Burrito Wrap w/Chips & Salad

4. Thursday     Wheat Pasta w/Curry Lentil Pease, Vegetable

5. Friday            Veggie Burger w/Chips and Salad

All meals are served with a natural juice.

Stay tuned for updates on Zack’s reaction and the other kids who are -also having this healthy meals.

 Babatunde also known as  Calabash Veggie Cook can be reached at  347 447-3010

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There will more to report about our discussed fundraising efforts as we have discussed many different options to help our school.  But as a concerned parent before the Parents Association Meeting, I had signed the school up for a recycling program funded by terracycle who works with Caprisun drink pouches and Keebler Elves Co.  I started sending back the pouches and to date we have $12.00 in the account. My first shipment was back in September which gleaned a whooping $2.00. I told another parent who gave me her pouches and because of a special program the account received a whooping $10.00. That is $12.00 we have for the school.  Parents keep the pouches coming.  Zachery is now collecting the children’s pouches after lunch.  If this keeps up we will have may $50 toward our overall fundraising campaign.  Parents lets allow the children to participate in any way they can to also raise money for themselves.

Ashe  Ashe


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It really takes a village….

October 18 was the second PTA meeting at Sankofa. It was a very productive and constructive meeting! It’s always very wonderful to see parents active in their children’s lives…and Sankofa has some very active parents.

Below are some of the decisions we came to, and ideas we came up with.

  • From now on, Sista Ollie McClean will be referred to as our Queen Mother, and respected by the children as such.
  • One of the Parents, a chef began the process of making lunches for the students and staff, for a small fee. He also brought a same that everyone really dug!
  • Different fund-raising ideas were brought up.
  • Possibly starting a weekly or bi-weekly movie night and discussion for the students that will help to create a brother and sisterhood between the children. Bro Kofi volunteered to help bring that into fruition
  • October 29 will be a day long conference held by the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization, along with the Black Student Union @ CCNY

    more to come………….
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The Cat Is Out of the Bag

Oct. 4 was the first Parent Meeting of the school year.  We had a good turn out. The energy was positive and I believe that we all came out with one purpose : to do what is best for the children. 

It was very refreshing to see new faces mixed in with the old and to feel a spirit of comraderie the entire night. Progress was made that night because we now have officers for the Parent Associations. 

We will definitely hear more about Sankofa International Academy. SIA will no longer be Brooklyn’s best kept secret. 


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Parents Meeting today Oct 4, 2011 bet 6-8

Yes I am very late and my apologies to all that are reading this blog.Today we are having our first Parent’s Meeting. I cant wait to see all the new faces and old faces. I am excited to hear what is in store for the scholars of Sankofa International Academy. I cant wait to see YOU there!!!!

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“I will learn to recognize a slave ship when I see one. . .” What is slavery to you.
Slavery is something that has control over your life in a negative way.
After you recognize that you may be a slave to something, what actions have you taken to overcome slavery?

Free thought is one way to overcome slavery. The ability to make your own decisions. These are thoughts I wanted to write because my heart is heavy. Lets prepare our children for tomorrow. We have to give them the tools needed to navigate these troubled waters.

We must teach them to be free thinkers.

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The whole is a sum of its parts

Sankofa is an educational institution that looks at education with a wholistic approach. In addition it runs administratively with a wholistic approach.

I want to thank the following: Sis. McClean, director for tirelessly running the school like she runs her house. It is with a fierce love, dedication and such strength. Obviously there is not enough gratitude; Sis. Eulene, the tender warrior but a warrior none the less.  She is humble, yet a definite force to reckon with and the ultimate professional;Nas, concerned parent and business woman who helped to start the website. It was a suggestion and she made it happen, always with that beautiful smile; Ms Fletcher another concerned parent who gives her time to the school and advocates for the children ; Bro Kofi, soft spoken and the resident computer engineer but also so much more.

These are but some the parts that help to make SIA whole. So forgive me  if I dont recognize you. You definitly feel the same way because either you are always willing to help when called upon and because of the various ways you sgow love and support.  So respond to a post or submit a post yourself. We here at Sankofa International Academy would love to hear from you. 

Remember the whole is only as big as the sum of it parts, so come and definitely a part of a wonderful family. We would love to have you.

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Support your own.

In order for us to be proud of yourself and others that share the same culture, experiences, and struggle we must see ourselves. We have to see ourselves mighty, see our past struggles and past victories. Trips are being sponsored in order for all to learn what made this America truely great. The real foundation of America is the people, especially the ones that helped to economically build the country by the literal blood and sweat and tears that we shed. The many sacrifices we endured at all phases of American history. 
We all know about Madame Tuessand’s wax museum. However that only show some of the important people that have and are still leaving their marks. There is another wax museum that would very beneficial go our children. The Baltimore wax museum that showcases the crucial accomplishments of Black Americans. Sankofa wants to introduce the children to their history in a creative way. Below are links about the museum and more information to follow.

Baltimore Wax Museum

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