Dinner Conversation

Dinner is usually a time of catching up with the kids. Sometimes there maybe no speaking because parents are trying to get the next day affairs in order in our mind and kids just have nothing to say.

But recently my dinner conversation has been very interesting. My son, Zack, who attends Sankofa International Academy likes to quiz me on my knowledge on Black information. Our conversation usually starts with “Did you know…?”

He recently brought to my attention that Lady Liberty’s original design was to be of a black woman(with true African features) with broken shackles on her hands and feet. The french designer who studied US history felt the true representation of Freedom was the liberation of African slaves in America. Wow!

What are your dinner conversations about?


About Sankofa International Academy

Sankofa is a private independent program which serves children in grades 1 through 8. Our students have diverse backgrounds and they are taught their history and culture as a foundation for developing positive self images, high moral standards and effective leadership skills.
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