School Lunch Starts at Sankofa International Academy

This Monday, December 5, 2011 is the first week of Calabash Vegetarian Kitchen supplying SIA with school lunch. I will use this blog to track Zack’s responses to the menu and the ease with how the food is supplied to the school.

When I researched the cook, Babatunde, there were only praises about his food and the hospitality. I hope that my experience will elicit the same response. I am so excited because this is a part of the journey Zack and I are travelling to enrich his life with African culture. He is energetic, kind, and caring. In other words he is all over the place. There is no such thing as time out for Zachery because he cannot stay still.  Even though he doesnt eat junk food, lets face it there are still chemicals in the food that may effect his body chemistry. Scientists has linked chemicals in food with children’s behavior.  I am hoping that is the right direction for Zachery.

I believe that as Africans in America we are out of our natural element. Our bodies are not use to this climate, even though our race survived the climate and harsh conditions. So it’s a challenge to say the least to raise our black children in an environment that is not conducive to their dna. I am so happy that Babatunde chose Sankofa International Academy as his school of choice for his child. We did not have to search for his service he was able to advertise at one of our Parent/Teacher meetings. It was meant to be.

It will expose our children to a healthier alternative. I will be honest and say that it would’ve taken me longer to feed Zack a vegetarian diet had it not been for Babatunde. His food will hopefully help our children focus better in school. The following is the Menu for the first week

1. Monday       Mac w/Vegan Cheese, BBQ tofu, vegetabe

2. Tuesday      Ital Stew, Rice, Vegetable

3. Wednesday Homemade Veggie Burrito Wrap w/Chips & Salad

4. Thursday     Wheat Pasta w/Curry Lentil Pease, Vegetable

5. Friday            Veggie Burger w/Chips and Salad

All meals are served with a natural juice.

Stay tuned for updates on Zack’s reaction and the other kids who are -also having this healthy meals.

 Babatunde also known as  Calabash Veggie Cook can be reached at  347 447-3010


About Sankofa International Academy

Sankofa is a private independent program which serves children in grades 1 through 8. Our students have diverse backgrounds and they are taught their history and culture as a foundation for developing positive self images, high moral standards and effective leadership skills.
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