The whole is a sum of its parts

Sankofa is an educational institution that looks at education with a wholistic approach. In addition it runs administratively with a wholistic approach.

I want to thank the following: Sis. McClean, director for tirelessly running the school like she runs her house. It is with a fierce love, dedication and such strength. Obviously there is not enough gratitude; Sis. Eulene, the tender warrior but a warrior none the less.  She is humble, yet a definite force to reckon with and the ultimate professional;Nas, concerned parent and business woman who helped to start the website. It was a suggestion and she made it happen, always with that beautiful smile; Ms Fletcher another concerned parent who gives her time to the school and advocates for the children ; Bro Kofi, soft spoken and the resident computer engineer but also so much more.

These are but some the parts that help to make SIA whole. So forgive me  if I dont recognize you. You definitly feel the same way because either you are always willing to help when called upon and because of the various ways you sgow love and support.  So respond to a post or submit a post yourself. We here at Sankofa International Academy would love to hear from you. 

Remember the whole is only as big as the sum of it parts, so come and definitely a part of a wonderful family. We would love to have you.


About Sankofa International Academy

Sankofa is a private independent program which serves children in grades 1 through 8. Our students have diverse backgrounds and they are taught their history and culture as a foundation for developing positive self images, high moral standards and effective leadership skills.
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1 Response to The whole is a sum of its parts

  1. Kofi Obibini says:

    Thanks for the shout out. I’m home and ready to get to work!!
    Keep checking back and seeing any changes.

    Lets make this school known throughout the city!

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