Our Supporters

Sankofa International Academy (SIA) would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all who have donated resources, time, encouraging words and monetary donations.  The following is but a small list of our supporters who believe in the work being done by the SIA family.

Rev. C . Herbert Oliver                               Citycouncil member Latisha James

NYC Council Member Charles Barron    Assembly woman Annette Robinson

Dr. Ben                                                           Professor Dr. Leonard Jefferies and wife

Pro. Jiggets                                                    Congressman Edolphus Towns

Our time Press                                               Albert Husbands

Shirley Newton                                             Judy McNeil

Joseph Willins                                               Alton Maddox

Sybil Williams Clarke                                  Fort Greene Council, Inc

The Porter Foundation Inc.                        Rev. Dr. Rchard F. Christie, Sr.

Bed-Stuy Family Health Center                 Rev. Herber Daughtry

Eunice and Lester Hubbard                        Scott Ross Agency, Inc

The McClean and Ross Family                   Paula L. Heaen, ESQ., MBA

Dr. Melva L. Baker                                        Barbara’s Flowers

CEMOTAP                                                      100 Blacks in Law Enforcement

The Western Mohegan Tribe & Nation    African Americans in Transit

East NY United Concerned Citizens         Ms. Stephanie McKee

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Legrand                  Winston & Pauline Silvera

Lorna S. Oliver, Psy. D.                               Dr. Michael Hearns

NYC Council Albert Vann                           Assembly Member Inez Barron

Ras ESP McPherson                                    Earlston Jones

Kenny,Dawn & Andrew Myers                  Mr. Robert Williams

Rev. Ciara and Victor Simonson               Margarie Rose

Mrs. Gloria Bennett                                     Taryn Williams

Lucien & Tracy Humphreys                       Arthur C. Lewis, MD

Mary Lewis                                                    Rachel Walker

Allstars James Brown Tribute Band         Monica Torres

Ashley Pierre-Louis                                     Andre Norfleet

Timothy Conerson                                       Min. Clemson Brown

Sheridan Jack-Brown                                  LaShon Pitter

Imani Garner                                                 Prof. Aurelia Perkins

Jacqueline Jacobs                                         Mary Griffith

Shataya Cummings                                       Leslyne Leslie

Yvette Cooper                                                 Charles Caruth

Preston Jones                                                 Arli Blake

Rhody A. McCoy                                             Patrice A. Oliver

Brian Ahyoung                                                Lillie F. Martin

Lenora B. Fulani                                             Verna Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Beverly                                         Ralph Brock

Mr. & Mrs. Patricia Rodriguez                     Alejo Rodriquez

Alicia Lord                                                        Shephard Mayo

Al’s Men Shop Inc.                                          Roselind Frazier

Elaine Frazier                                                   Advance Printing Services

Tropical Paradise Ballroom                           Orie’s Home Improvement




About Sankofa International Academy

Sankofa is a private independent program which serves children in grades 1 through 8. Our students have diverse backgrounds and they are taught their history and culture as a foundation for developing positive self images, high moral standards and effective leadership skills.
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  1. A special Happy Birthday to my favorite person!

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