Fundraising for Sankofa International Academy

Sankofa International Academy is a fixture in Brooklyn.  The director Ollie McClean is a mother to all who walks in her doors.  She welcomes you with open arms and sings the praises of her students to all who will listen.  The love she shows to her students is transforming.

The wonderful thing about Ms McClean is that she is a magnet for kindred spirits.  The teachers at this school are wonderful.  They put the time and effort into each child that is missing in education today.

Ms Pam, the elementary teacher, demands the best from the students. She not only teaches but she gets to know the children on a personal level in order be able to bring out their God given talent.

Ms  Eulene, the middle school teacher, is who I nickname the enforcer. Her no nonsense approach to our kids teaches our children to accept no less than the best from themselves and others.

However, I am just one parent with my opinion.  The fundraiser that Mr Stanley Banks, a bassist for musician George Benson, hosted for Sankofa International Academy shows that the community also feels the same way.  On October 2010 many came out to show their love, support and appreciaton for Sankofa International Academy (SIA).

The following are only a few pictures of the memorable night.


 2 3


 6 7

 8 910

Legend: 1. Stanley Banks 2.Shanta Drummers 3. Roam Neil, owner of Nuyorican Poets Cafe 4.Ollie McClean,director of SIA, Alfonce Aaron, donor, and Stanley Banks, renowned bassist for George Benson5. Ollie McClean and Stanley Banks 6. Jazz musician Lonnie Youngblood 7.Jitu Weisu, educator 8. SIA graduate Quaasim Middleton and Ms. Ollie McClean 9. Shanta Drummers 10.



About Sankofa International Academy

Sankofa is a private independent program which serves children in grades 1 through 8. Our students have diverse backgrounds and they are taught their history and culture as a foundation for developing positive self images, high moral standards and effective leadership skills.
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  1. Nas says:

    Wonderful and inspiring!!

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